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--- Rename of Lynx2-4-FM and release as Lynx2-5  (02-May-1996) ---
05-02-96 ---- Release of Lynx2-5 ----
* Modified documentation, help, and example files based on feedback for
  yesterday's Lynx2-5 pre-release. - FM
* Include ";q=0.001" whenever "iso8859-1" or "us-ascii" are autoappended
  to Accept-charset headers. - FM
* Added SITE_LIBS symbol in Makefile for convenient linking to any
  site-specific libraries associated with any site-specific patches. - FM
* Fixed an unsigned char typecast in GridText.c - FM
* Eliminated statusline and TRACE warnings about possibly strange formatting
  when TABLEs are in a document. - FM
* Renamed Lynx2-4-FM for pre-release as Lynx2-5
* Modified the fatal error messages such that they direct the user to
  the local system administrator to confirm a bug before reporting it
  to lynx-dev, and started updated the help and about files for the
  switch to as the primary list server. - FM
* Made use of ordered versus unordered lists and inclusion of article dates
  in listings for news groups compilation and configuration options in
  userdefs.h and lynx.cfg. - FM
* Added -realm switch for restricting URLs to the realm of the startfile.
  The bookmark and jumps files are always considered as part of the realm.
  Any execution links or form ACTIONs are permitted if obtained from
  documents in the realm, but any switches that restrict bookmark operations
  will still apply.  For example, -book -realm will use the bookmark file
  as the startfile, and restrict URLs to files in the user's account.  Adding
  -restrictions=bookmark_exec will block execution links in the bookmark
  file, but not in other files within the realm (i.e., in the user's
  account).  If the startfile is an http URL, the realm will be equivalent
  to that in http authorization procedures.  Can be used with -traversal
  for restricting the traversal to documents within the starting realm
  for an http server. - FM
* Fixed bug in form structure which could cause POST to be treated as
  GET. - FM
* Added code to send Host: headers as described in the 23-Apr-96 HTTP/1.1
  draft. - FM
* Modified HTMIME.c to pass documents with an ISO-8859-3 through -9, EUC-KR,
  or ISO-2022-KR charset specified in the Content-Type header, to set the
  flag for not doing 8-bit reverse translations, and to issue a statusline
  message about the charset instead of forcing a download offer.  Will have
  garbage in the displays of 8-bit characters if one doesn't have the
  corresponding charset installed for the terminal, but no harm should be
  done, and those who do can get the files displayed instead of just being
  up the creek without a paddle.  Korean escape sequences will still be
  trashed, since be have no translation functions as for Japanese, and we
  still force a download offer if there is a mismatch for the supported
  character sets, so the user can cancel and then modify the terminal setup
  and charset choice appropriately. - FM
* Increased the maximum number of attributes for tags (was too small for
  OBJECT), updated the DTD for SCRIPT, and added the STYLE attribute for
  all tags which presently, or might someday, accept it. - FM
* Modified the news gateway to use an ordered list with the numbers and
  dates of the articles indicated in newsgroup listings. - FM
* Fixed the checking and passing of the mailto argument in LYMainLoop.c
  to mailmsg() in LYMail.c. - FM
* Fixed bugs in parsing of nntp and snews partial HREFs, and in the
  parsing of NNTP message headers for creation of mailto and newspost
  or newsrepy links. - FM
* Added OBJECT and BODYTEXT to the DTD, based on the 12-Apr-96 W3C draft.
  The code for INSERT is still there, and should be remove if OBJECT
  becomes a stable replacement.  Code to handle data URLs for OBJECTs
  not yet attempted. - FM
* More tweaks for Japanese character handling. - FM
* If LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED is on, include the list of references in the
  outputs of 'p'rint menu options, analogously to the output with
  -dump. - FM
* Mods to report the content of SCRIPT, STYLE and ALIAS blocks in trace
  mode. - FM
* Made ¨, ¯ and ™ synonyms for ¨, &hibar; and ®,
  respectively. - FM
* Fixed typo in second line link highlighting code for slang. - ES
* More tweaks of Japanese character handling. - FM
* Reinitialize timeout values after select() calls in LYUtils.c. - ES
* More tweaks of Japanese character handling. - FM
* Tweak of target line and link setting when toggling to image_links mode
  in LYMainLoop.c. - FM
* Tweaks of circular buffer handling based on analyses from Mike Castle
  ( and Bryan T. Vold (btv@ldl.HealthPartners.COM). - FM
* Fixed typo for NeXT in tcp.h, based on feedback from LWV - FM
* Reinitialize timeout values after select() calls in HTTCP.c. - Erik
  Sundkvist (
* More tweaks of Japanese character handling. - FM
* Added code for handling charset mappings for file and ftp URLs. - FM
  You can set the mappings via lynx.cfg (or mime.types), e.g.:
  SUFFIX:.html8R:text/html; charset=KOI8-R
  SUFFIX:.txt8R:text/plain; charset=KOI8-R
* Tweak of charset handling in HTMIME.c - FM
* Modified news gateway to handle split header lines. - FM
* Tweaks of authorization header handling to make failures due to bad
  headers from the http server clear to the Lynx user. - FM
* Yet more tweaks of memory management. - FM
* Tweaks for handling Japanese received via gateways. - FM
* More memory management tweaks. - FM
* Updated, lynx.hlp and the online help files. - FM
* Tweaks of INPUT, TEXTAREA and SELECT popup OPTION handling when
  Japanese character translations are on. - FM
* Created new zip.  Yesterday's appears to have been bad. - FM
* More optimizations and bug fixes based on patches from JED. - FM
* More mods for handling keyboard input via SLANG library functions,
  based on patches from JED.  Note that the code for IGNORE_CTRL_C
  has been bypassed in those mods, as they presently stand. - FM
* Added "first pass" handling of P end tags. - FM
* Mods of HTCheckForInterrupt() for SLANG, based on patches from JED.
  Note that the for-SLANG code is not taking possible SOCKSification of
  Lynx into account. - FM
* Use 3 for ^C instead of 7 for ^G as the argument for the slang abort
  key in calls to SLang_init_tty(). - JED
* Tweaks of make for clix. - AM
* More tweaks of memory management. - FM
* Added support for Japanese translations of text/plain in addition to
  text/html documents, and for ALTs and form fields (see 03-26-96 mods).
  Needs checking.  Also added an LYK_JPN_TOGGLE, mapped to '@' by default,
  for toggling JAPANESE mode ON and OFF, and code to indicate the situation
  in the 'o'ptions menu. - FM
* Added make for ultrix-slang and decstation-slang, and tweaks of LYCgi.c
  for ultrix. - Alvian Tam (
* Found and fixed some typos in yesterday's mods. - FM
* Added for building Lynx with the SLANG library instead
  of curses on VMS. - FM
* Mod to treat an EOF with errno of EINTR when GetChar() is defined as
  getchar() in LYgetch() as due to a Ctrl-Z suspend, and invoke another
  character fetch instead of exit on error.  Based on patch from Gregory
  Neil Shapiro (gshapiro@WPI.EDU). - FM
* Numerous optimizations and bug fixes based on patches from JED. - FM
* More tweaks of SLANG support. - FM
* Yet more tweaks of the HTList functions and macros, and their associated
  memory management. - FM
* Fixed bug which could cause a crash if links are numbered and you
  activate a link via a number when there are no links on the currently
  displayed page. - FM
* Tweaks of Content-Encoding header handling, and more detailed messages
  about it in trace mode. - FM
* Added code in HTMIME.c for taking into account Content-Encoding headers,
  so that compressed text/html or text/plain files are not displayed
  inappropriately based on their Content-Type. - FM
* Added "first pass" support for Japanese character translations, based on
  patches for Lynx2-4-1 by Takuya Asada (  Is
  to be checked out by Nelson Henry Eric (
  because I have no way to check it here.  Translations can be made the
  default behavior by setting JAPANESE to TRUE in userdefs.h and/or
  lynx.cfg.  The default can be toggled via a "-jpn" command line switch.
  If made TRUE by any means, the value of KANJI_CODE set in userdefs.h
  and or lynx.cfg (EUC, SJIS, or NONE) will be applied, and can be changed
  via "-euc", "-sjis" or "-ascii" command line switches, for setting Kanji
  code translations to EUC, Shift JIS, or disabling it, respectively.  Note
  that Japanese translations are not yet performed in the line editor
  (LYgetstr() of LYStrings.c and form_getstr() of LYForms.c), for form
  field values, or for gateways (let's first see if what I've done so far
  works right 8-) - FM
* Added "LY" prefix for pop(), pop_num() and push() function names to
  avoid possible conflicts with the ncurses library functions, and fixed
  continuation line typo in solaris2 make, based on feedback from PN. - FM
* Tweaks of memory management in the CSO/PH gateway. - FM
* Tweaks of wait() versus waitpid() handling for NeXT, aix4 and mips,
  based on feedback from PN. - FM
* Tweaks of SLANG support for Unix, and finished up code support for it on
  VMS (but tested only with OpenVMS/AXP).  Haven't yet decided how to add
  VMS build support for it in the COM and MMS files.  Get the SLANG library
  code from and then add USE_SLANG in the
  DEFINE list and the path to it's headers in the INCLUDE list for the
  compilation, and [path]slang.olb/lib in the link list immediately before
  the OPT file.  We still need the curses library in the OPT file, because
  that's not just curses functions on VMS and we're using ones not replaced
  by the SLANG library (Try it, you'll like it! 8-). - FM
* Tweaks for NeXT, based on feedback from Paul Nevai
  ( - FM
* Tweaks of code for sorting directory listings by date (take into account
  the 6-month-old time versus year rule on Unix). - FM
* Tweaks of memory management for HTList-based buffers (use internal
  allocations, instead of the libwww macros). - FM
* Added solaris2-slang to Makefile, and tweaks of the sun4 makes. - LWV
* Tweak of MAP handling so that the ordered lists are displayed exactly
  in the order of the resolved AREA tags.
* Added SLANG support (for colorized Lynx) based on patches from JED.
  The make support is for linux and sun4, but it should be portable to
  other Unix flavors.  I have it working on VMS, but the SLANG interrupt
  and exit handlers are incompatible with the current ones for VMS in
  Lynx (and with the VMS debugger), so I haven't yet included SLANG
  support in or the MMS files. - FM
* Tweaks of 'd'ownload menu handling on returns to it from a DOWNLOADER
  action. - FM
* Added various anti-crash protections and cleaner code from John E. Davis
  ( for trimming trailing white space and finding
  unescaped colons in LYReadCFG.c, and cleaned up and more fully commented
  the functions and subfunctions in that and the LYMainLoop.c modules. - FM
* Fixed routine which sorts directory listings by date (based on 'o'ptions
  menu setting) to do it accurately and in reverse chronological order. - FM
* Added code to create links for likely URLs in results returned by
  the CSO/PH and finger gateways.  Try:
   gopher://   or:
      cso://        and search for David Henderson.
  Also try:
   gopher://   or:
   finger://          as URL.s - FM
* Added LYK_INTERRUPT handling for the CSO/PH and finger gateways, and
  made their memory management more efficient. - FM
* Made the my_spawn() function in LYLocal.c more portable by using
  waitpid() instead of wait(). - FM
* Restored the Lynx2-3 behavior of seeking the current position and link
  on return from 'e'dit.  May be wrong if the file was modified, but it
  might be in the right ball park, and nothing really bad will happen if
  it's far off. - FM
* Added -reload switch for instructing Lynx to send "Pragma: no-cache" and
  "Cache-Control: no-cache" headers when requesting the startfile from an
  http server (doesn't apply to subsequent fetches, or to non-http startfile
  URLs). - Peter Ekberg (
* Put the correct LYMain.c, which declares no_change_exec_perms, in the zip
  (second try, hope I really did 8-). - FM
* Yet more tweaks of the CSO/PH gateway. - FM
* Yet more tweaks of the finger gateway. - FM
* Made the URL and command buffering in the finger gateway secure from stack
  modifications, beautified the HTLoadFinger() and response() functions, and
  added support for the following URL formats for sending a "", "/w",
  "username", or "/w username" command to the finger server:
     finger://host			   finger://@host
     finger://host/			   finger://@host/
     finger://host/%2fw			   finger://@host/w
     finger://host/w                       finger://host/w/
     finger://host/username[@host]	   finger://username@host
     finger://host/username[@host]/	   finger://username@host/
     finger://host/w/username[@host]	   finger://username@host/w
     finger://host/%2fw%20username[@host]  finger://host/username[@host]/w
* Replaced the _tolower macro in the CSO/PH gateway with TOLOWER. - FM
* Tweaks of DIRED_SUPPORT.  Added NO_CHANGE_EXECUTE_PERMS compilation
  symbol and change_exec_perms restrictions switch for restricting
  changes of the eXecute permissions to directories, and not files,
  when OK_PERMIT has been set. - Earl Fogel ( & FM
* Added make support for Intergraph CLIX (note that some online help files
  must be edited and renamed to meet this Unix flavor's 14 character file
  name limit). - Alex Matulich (
* Added support for using finger://host/w/username to send "/w username"
  to finger (port 79) servers. - FM
* Tweaks of alignment handling to deal with (illegally) embedded CENTER
  containers (typically due to omission of an end tag for the first
  CENTER of the pair; ugh!). - FM
* Added form-based CSO/PH (port 105) gateway.  Can be invoked via a
  cso://host[:port]/ or gopher://host[:port]/2 URL.  If the gopher
  format is used and a query token is appended (?[query]), the old
  ISINDEX-based gateway will be used. - FM
* Added NO_FROM_HEADER configuration symbol in lynx.cfg, and -nofrom
  command line switch, for blocking all transmissions of From headers
  by Lynx. - FM
* Added NO_REFERER_HEADER configuration symbol in lynx.cfg, and -noreferer
  command line switch, for blocking all transmissions of Referer headers
  by Lynx. - FM
* Enhancements of the 'o'ptions menu. - FM
* Restored the Lynx2-3 behavior of seeking the current document position
  and link on (^R)eloads.  Will be wrong if the document is actually a
  changing script output, or SSI with changes in the sizes of inserts,
  and any form entries will be lost with no warning about that if no
  form links are in the currently displayed page (and there may be other
  glitches I don't remember any more).  However, it's correct, and more
  convenient, most of the time, and nothing really bad will happen if
  it's wrong. - FM
* Added SAVE_SPACE configuration symbol in lynx.cfg, and LYNX_SAVE_SPACE
  environment variable (Unix) or logical (VMS) for setting a default path
  prefix in suggested filenames in Save to Disk operations of the 'p'rint
  and 'd'ownload menus.  If not set, only a filename will be suggested,
  for saving in the current default directory.  See the INSTALLATION file
  and lynx.cfg for more information. - FM
* If an IMG tag has both ISMAP and USEMAP attributes, create links for
  both, and use the ALT string, if present, for the USEMAP link.  The
  server-side script might have a content-rich default set up for non-GUI
  clients, so we may as well be able to try it, and still have our own
  USEMAP listing available if it's a site unconcerned about text and
  braille clients, or GUI clients with image loading turned off. - FM
* Tweaks of MAP code to maximize efficiency of fetching and processing
  MAPs from a different document. - FM
* Make sure the traversal code doesn't get tripped up by any HREFs
  which contain newline characters due to misparsing (e.g., because a
  close-double-quote wasn't present where required, and soft_dquotes
  wasn't toggled ON, or invalid comments were present, and mimimal or
  historical comment parsing weren't toggled ON). - FM
* Renamed LYK_RESUBMIT ('x' or 'X') to LYK_NOCACHE and modified it's code
  so that it applies to normal links as well as form submit buttons.  If
  used instead of LYK_ACTIVATE, any HText cache from a previous submission
  or request will be dumped, and the submission or request will be made
  with the  "Pragma: no-cache"  and  "Cache-Control: no-cache"  headers
  included, to ensure that a proxy/cache server also will not return a
  cached copy (assuming it respects either of those headers). - FM
* Converted the client-side image MAP code to a protocol which returns
  a stream, rather than using a temporary file.  This allows saving
  the link as a bookmark, for fetching the MAP and creating a listing
  without need to fetch and render the original document.  Also enabled
  direct downloading of the MAP listing. - FM
* Added handling of client-side image MAPs.  If both USEMAP and ISMAP
  attributes are present, the client-side MAP is used instead of the
  the server-side script.  The MAPs can be in the same or different
  documents.  The HREFs of the AREA tags are presented as a list,
  with their ALTs (if present, otherwise their HREFs) as the link names
  in the list.  Added a TITLE attribute for MAPs, which will be ignored
  by GUI clients, but if present will be used by Lynx as an H1 for the
  list (MAP NAME="welcomemap" TITLE="Welcome Map").  Otherwise, the
  IMG's ALT (if present, otherwise "[USEMAP]") will be used as an H1
  in the list.  The MAP's resolved URL also is shown in the list, since
  the URL for the list is a temporary file. - FM
* Added a MINIMAL_COMMENTS configuration symbol, which if set TRUE in
  lynx.cfg will emulate the Netscape v2.0 comment parsing bug of seeking
  only a '-->' terminator, and not interpreting '--' pairs as serial
  comments within the overall comment element.  The compilation default
  is FALSE, but we'll set it TRUE in lynx.cfg until Netscape gets its
  comment parsing right, and "decorative" dashes in comment elements
  cease to be so common in "Enhance for Netscape" pages.  Also added
  a '-minimal' command line switch for toggling the Mininal or Valid
  configuration setting, and an LYK_MINIMAL command key toggle (mapped
  by default to backquote).  Note that setting Historical comments on
  will override the Minimal or Valid setting (i.e., any '>' will be
  treated as the terminator of a comment element).  A statusline
  message indicates whether Historical, Minimal or Valid comment
  parsing has gone into effect when the LYK_MINIMAL or LYK_HISTORICAL
  command key toggles are used (i.e., those two toggles in effect are
  a "troggle"). - FM
* Tweak of HTList manipulations. - FM
* Additions to the online help. - FM
* Unescape any hex escaped username and/or password in ftp URLs. - FM
* Handle timeout disconnects of cached NNTP connections. - FM
* Allow head or tail match specifications (e.g., comp.infosystems.*
  or *.unix) in news, nntp and snews URLs (That's illegal, so don't
  use it in public documents.). - FM
* Tweak of bookmark handling. - Ismael Cordeiro (ismael@CAM.ORG)
* Tweak of the new code for setting a default CHECKED radio button. - FM
* Issue a sensible exit message if a non-http URL is used as the startfile
  with -traversal. - FM
* Tweaks of bookmark handling. - FM
* Tweaks of Home_Dir() type casting. - FM
02-14-96  Happy Valentine's Day!!!
* Tweaks of charset conversions. - FM
* Made inclusion of Unix DIRED_SUPPORT the compilation default, and
  its refinement easier to understand and set in the Makefile. - Will
  Mengarini ( & FM
* Changed (X) and ( ) to [X] and [ ] for indicating checked or unchecked
  checkboxes.  For radio buttons, we still use (*) and ( ). - FM
* Distinguish checkboxes from radio buttons in the Lynx display by using
  (X) versus (*), respectively, when they are checked or selected. - FM
* Make the first radio button in a series with the same NAME checked by
  default if none of them had CHECKED specified. - FM
* Added LYK_HISTORICAL and LYK_SOFT_DQUOTES, mapped by default to the
  the single- and double-quote keys, respectively, for toggling valid
  versus "historical" comment parsing, and valid versus "old Mosaic-
  and Netscape-like" double-quote parsing. - FM
* Added SCRIPT to the DTD and code to ensure that bad comments in its
  content don't generate garbage in the display. - FM
* Added -DSVR4 to the make for solaris2. - KH
* Use copy instead of rename in descrip.mms for putting lynx.exe in the
  top directory, as in - FM
* Added TITLE attribute to FORM, and code to use it for the Subject in
  mailto ACTIONs.  It's not in the spec, but better to offer it than
  to settle into Netscape's ?subject=foo tack-on kludge which breaks
  mailto for clients which haven't added code to cope with it. - FM
* Added -book switch for using the bookmark page as the startfile.  The
  default or command line startfile will still be set for the 'm'ain screen
  command, and be used as the startfile if the bookmark page is unavailable
  or blank. - FM
* Fixed glitch for Unix in yesterday's LYMail.c mods. - FM
* Try graceful alternatives if getenv("HOME") returns NULL. - Kenneth Herron
  ( & FM
* Added support for the ?subject=foo tack-on kludge to specify the Subject
  in mailto ACTIONs and HREFs. - FM
* Convert Explorer's semi-colon Internet address separators to commas
  before acting on mailto address lists on Unix or VMS. - FM
* Made EMBED empty again (the W3C container version has been replaced
  by INSERT, and Netscape still has it empty). - FM
* Tweaks of descrip.mms files for VMS. - FM
* Fixed caching of news/nntp connections so that we access the correct host
  when more than one has been specified. - FM
* Added ndash and mdash to the entities conversion tables.  The W3C's
  DTD specifies those, whereas the text descriptions say endash and
  emdash, so we'll cover all the bases by supporting all four. - FM
* Reduced the "en" metric for TAB to 2 per column.  Was 12, to be
  compatible with UdiWWW, but that's pixels.  You can change the enval
  initialization in HTML.c from 2 to 12 if you want the old behavior. - FM
* Force use of DECC in if that compiler is installed on VMS,
  and make sure external logicals don't defeat a choice of DECC via
  descrip.mms. - FM
* Mods to handle lone CRs as newlines when dislaying text/plain files
  from MAC servers.  Note that they'll stay CRs when downloading, or
  fetching with -source, but be handled as newlines when the '\' source
  toggle is used for text/html files and their source is displayed as
  text/plain. - FM
* Added dummy initializers in LYCharSets.c and LYEditmap.c to ensure the
  modules are linked if the external model is common block and they are
  placed in a library. - FM
* For submissions of forms with a mailto ACTION, allow the user to edit
  the default Subject string (the TITLE of the document containing the
  form) via a statusline prompt, or to cancel the submission via Ctrl-G
  at the prompt, analogously to 'c'omments or for anchors with a mailto
  HREF. - FM
* Typo fixes in HTML.c, LYJump.c and LYGetFile.c. - PM
* Tweaks of redirection handling. - FM
* Support use of the TITLE attribute for setting the Subject in LINKs with
  REV="made" or REV="owner" and a mailto HREF, equivalently to its use
  with anchors in the BODY. - FM
* Always use the parent document's URL for X-URL in mailto anchors, but
  still use mailto:address if it was entered as a 'g'oto. - FM
* Improvements of the code in LYMainLoop.c for checking the types of
  links (first make sure that there are links to check 8-). - FM
* Made LYCharSets.c an object module instead of header for HTML.c, and
  created LYCharUtils.c with character-related functions from HTML.c,
  to reduce the size of HTML.c (got a report of memory exhaustion when
  trying to compile HTML.c). - FM
* Added BGSOUND to the DTD and code for creating a link to the source
  when clickable_images is set. - FM
* Tweak of URL resolving when http servers return the obsolete file URL
  format for what are actually ftp URLs (as DEC's servers are doing). - FM
* Added LYE_LOWER and LYE_UPPER for lower or upper casing lines with the
  line editor.  Default bindings are Ctrl-K and Ctrl-T, respectively (not
  "intuitive" but they're the only "safe" non-printing keys left 8-). - FM
* Yet more tweaks aimed at getting Lynx to compile across versions of
  MultiNet through v3.5A and DECC through v5.2 or VAXC.  Pat Rankin
  is trying to cope with this mess for compilations with MultiNet and
  his VMS port of GNUC (cross your fingers 8-). - FM
* Updates of the help and about files. - FM
* Tweak of sendmail path for BSDI. - Bennett Todd (
* More tweaks for dealing with header conflicts in MultiNet v3.5A with
  DECC v5.2. - FM
* Tweak of our kludge to append a 0,0 coordinate pair for ISMAP URLs. - FM
* Tweaks of base handling in HTML.c. - FM
* Mods for builds with NetBSD, or MultiNet v3.5A with DECC v5.2 (they
  have conficting headers). FM & PR
* Improved and corrected the fatal error messages. - FM
* Added ability to set the NNTPSERVER environment variable via lynx.cfg if
  it has not been set externally (analogously to the proxy variables). - FM
* Tweaks of proxy handling. - FM
* Modifed the "Accept-Language: " header handling so that is uses the
  "perferred document lang(G)uage" string without any modifications.
  This allows the user to specify a comma-separated string with quality
  values included, exactly to his/her requirements. - FM
* Modified the traversal code so that it always outputs to an error file if
  requests fail or unknown statuses are received from the http server. - FM
* Added target "sun4-ncurses" to the Makefile. - Bennett E. Todd
* Tweaks of "preferred document lan(G)uage" and "preferred document c(H)arset"
  'o'ptions handling.  Send only the preferrence or comma-separated list of
  preferrences in the "Accept-Language: " and "Accept-Charset: " headers.
  Append ", en" if "en" isn't present, and ", ISO-8859-1" and/or ", US-ASCII"
  if those aren't present, rather than relying on servers to honor defaults,
  but still don't send an "Accept-Charset: " header at all if no preference
  has been specified by the user. - FM
* Fixed typos in the about and help files. - FM
* Tweaks of bold and underline setting in split_line() of GritText.c. - FM
* Fixed handling of FORM start tags with no ACTION specified. - FM
* Tweaks of "IBM PC character set" and added "IBM PC codepage 850"
  (ISO8859-1, see IBMPC-charsets.announce). - Mike Brown (
* Check in userdefs.h whether LYNX_CGF_FILE has been defined via the
  Makefile, or descrip.mms. - PG
* Created CHANGES2-3 with changes through release of Lynx2-3 on 04-19-94,
  and CHANGES2-4 with subsequent changes through the rename of lynx2-3-FM
  to Lynx2-4 and its release on 06-18-95, and deleted those sections from
  this file. - FM
* Added the new Copyright and links to it in about_lynx.html. - FM
* Tweaks of HTWAIS.c for compatibility across versions of FreeWAIS. - FM
* Unescape any hex escaped percents in mailto URLs and ACTIONs. - FM
* Added an LYCheckForProxyURL() function, and a PROXY_URL_TYPE return value
  for is_url(), so that Lynx can proxy URLs with an unknown scheme if a
  proxy for the scheme has been set, e.g., if "foo_proxy" has been set
  to "http://host/", then "foo:blah", where "blah" may or may not begin
  with a slash, will be handled as "http://host/foo:blah".  Components of
  "blah" will be checked versus "no_proxy", if set, but since we don't
  know the default port for scheme "foo", the checks for any ports
  associated with the no_proxy values may not be reliable (but if we
  don't proxy, nor know the scheme, nor find "foo:blah" as a local file,
  the URL would fail, anyway)  - FM
* Fixed typo in - Paul Farnham (
* Tweak of traversal code. - FM
* Tweak of dynamic SOCKS mods. - TZ
* Added circular recall buffers for JUMP shortcuts.  If multiple jumps
  files are installed, each has it's own recall buffer.  If Lynx was built
  with PERMIT_GOTO_FROM_JUMP defined, any random URLs accessed via the JUMP
  command are placed in the goto circular buffer, not that for shortcuts,
  and a JUMP entry of the single character ':' for the target is treated
  as a command to invoke the circular buffer of previously resolved goto
  URLs (as if 'g'oto followed by Up-Arrow were used). - FM
* Added GOTOBUFFER, homologous to JUMPBUFFER, for specifying via userdefs.h
  and/or lynx.cfg whether to offer the previous goto URL, if any, for
  reuse or editing whenever the 'g'oto command is entered, or simply rely
  on invoking the circular buffer via the Up-Arrow and Down-Arrow keys for
  accessing previously resolved goto URLs. - FM
* Tweak of 'g'oto recall buffering loop in LYMainLoop.c. - AH
* Added circular recall buffering for 'g'oto URLs.  Is invoked (if previous
  URLs have been entered) via Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow after entering the
  'g'oto command. - FM
* Added circular recall buffering for WHEREIS queries.  Buffer is shared with
  that for ISINDEX queries, and invoked via Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow following
  the WHEREIS ('/') command.  The 'n'ext command still uses the last WHEREIS
  query, not necessarily the last entry in the recall buffer, which might
  have been entered via a 's'earch command for an ISINDEX document. - FM
* Extended treatment of FORMs which have only one INPUT (TYPE="text") field
  for user entries as SUBMITting on press of RETURN in that field, so that
  this behavior is retained if INPUT TYPE="hidden" fields are present. - FM
* Tweaks of bookmark deletion sanity checks. - DT
01-01-96 (Happy New Year!!!!)
* Added circular recall buffer for ISINDEX queries.  Up-Arrow will cylce
  you from the most current query in the list to previous ones, and roll
  from the oldest to the most current.  Down-Arrow will cycle from the
  oldest query to subsequent ones, and roll from the most current to the
  oldest.  If a previous query is reused, it is removed from the recall
  buffer and reinserted as the most current.- FM
* Plugged memory leaks in LYUtils.c and LYJump.c. - FM
* Added LOCALHOST_ALIAS symbols for lynx.cfg which can be set to local
  host aliases or to trusted hosts at other sites which will be accepted
  as "local" when the -localhost switch is set. - FM
* Added the endash and emdash entities. - FM
* Use exit(0) versus exit(-1) more consistently for normal versus abnormal
  exits, respectively. - FM
* Tweak of RELOAD handling for lynxcgi URLs. - FM
* More anti-crash protections for bad HTML. - FM
* Tweak of dynamic SOCKS mods. - TZ
* Tweaks of directory building on VMS. - FM
* Tweaks of log file declarations for direct wais builds. - FM
* Tweak of DIRED_SUPPORT mods so that non-TAG entries don't show up when
  there are tagged files. - DT
* Added HTMake_VMS_name() to HTFTP.c for use by Unix as well as VMS with
  VMS ftp servers. - FM
* Added INSERT and ALIAS to the DTD, updated PARAM and OVERLAY, and made
  FIG a paragraphing block, all as described in the 12-21-95 W3C working
  draft for INSERT.  In contrast to FIG, the INSERT and "heritage" EMBED
  and APPLET elements invoke paragraphing only if their content displayed
  by Lynx dictates it.  The rules for resolving the sources for INSERTs or
  for handling its ISMAP attribute are extremely complicated, and are not
  implemented.  Let's wait to see how people in the "real world" try to
  make sense of them and actually use INSERT (if they do 8-).  We still
  create source links in "clickable_image" mode for the "heritage" versions
  of FIG, OVERLAY, EMBED and APPLET markup, and send a 0,0 cooridinate pair
  for IMG with the ISMAP attribute.  See comments in HTML.c - FM
* Fixed bug in yesterday's ftp password-handling mods that could cause a
  crash, and handle ftp://user:@host/path as specified in RFC 1738. - FM
* Added protection against crashes for SELECT tags without the (required)
  NAME attribute. - FM
* Added code in HTFTP.c for recognizing MS Windows (Chameleon NEWT) servers
  and parsing their LIST output (tested on - FM
* Another typo fix for VMS GNUC in HTFinger.c. - FM
* Modified HTFTP.c to use personal_mail_address, if available, for the
  password with anoymous FTP.  It will still use "user@" (trim off the
  host) if the host does not contain a dot and thus could not be a fully
  qualified domain name, so it will work with Unix servers such as (see get_connection() in HTFTP.c), but this will cause it
  to fail with MS Windows servers. - FM
* Added lots more info to the trace output for the ftp gateway. - FM
* Modified HTFTP.c to handle a hex escaped slash (%2F) following the
  "punctuation" slash according to the strict provisions of RFC 1738
  when connected to VMS ftp servers, so that a device can be in the
  path and not be mishandled as a subdirectory, e.g., the URL
  will create a directory listing for sys$common:[syshlp]. - FM
* Fixed typo for VMS GNUC in HTFinger.c. - FM
* Enhancements of Unix DIRED_SUPPORT (see header of LYLocal.c). - DT
* Tweaks of element and entity structure alignments. - FM
* Tweaks of APPLET CODEBASE attribute resolving. - FM
* Added support for a -nosocks command line switch to turn off SOCKS proxy
  usage if Lynx was SOCKSified. - Thomas Zerucha (
* Added the APPLET element and attributes to the DTD, and code for
  creating links to the Applet code via image_links - FM
* Added code to handle password fields in telnet URLs. - FM
* Expanded EMBED as an "attribute soup" (for compatibility with
  old versions of Netscape). - FM
* Added PARAM, and its attributes in the W3C draft for EMBED, to the DTD,
  and code in HTML.c to minimize the possiblity of an INPUT belonging to
  an EMBED being misassociated with a standard FORM container. - FM
* Added "first pass" EMBED handling.  Should be OK with both the W3C
  container version and the Netscape "attribute soup" version (we'll
  see 8-).  The clickable_image switch and toggle ('*') are now misnomers.
  They will cause creation of links to the EMBED SRCs whether they are
  images or not. - FM
* Enhancements of Unix uploading (see header of LYUpload.c). - GL
* Modified LYUnEscapeEntities() and LYExpandString() in HTML.c to make
  it more likely that they'll be handled correctly across flavors of
  compilers. - FM
* Changed NETSCAPE_QUOTES and -netscape_quotes to SOFT_DQUOTES and
  -soft_dquotes. - FM
* Added '&' to the exclusion list for VMS suggested file names. - FM
* Added CAN_ANONYMOUS_GOTO_TELNET_PORT symbol which if set TRUE in
  userdefs.h will allow anonymous users to specify a port in 'g'oto
  commands for telnet URLs. - FM
* Added NETSCAPE_QUOTES symbol which if set TRUE in lynx.cfg will cause
  Lynx to emulate the Netscape bug of treating  '>' as a co-terminator
  of a double-quoted attribute value and the tag which contains it. - FM
* Forgot to define FORM_LINK_RESUBMIT_MESSAGE in the distribution's
  userdefs.h for yesterday's mods. - FM
* Forgot to put the HTFile.c with the LIST_FORMAT mods into the
  distribution (maybe I should just concentrate on Christmas 8-). - FM
* Changed handling of the no-cache META directive so that it applies to
  the document which contains the META tag, rather than to any form submit
  buttons within it.  The form's CGI script should return a stream which
  contains the directive to force resubmissions, and any (e.g., ISINDEX)
  script or (e.g., foo.shtml) document can include the directive to
  force reloading by Lynx. - FM
* Added ALWAYS_RESUBMIT_FORMS symbol in userdefs.h and lynx.cfg for setting
  forced resubmissions of forms, and a -resubmit_forms command line switch
  for toggling the default. - FM
* Moved values of LYStrings.h function key definitions from 0x80 - 0x8D to
  0x100 - 0x10D and modified all the structures and functions in LYKeymap.c
  and LYEditmap.c accordingly. - FM
* Added the KOI8-R (Russian) character set. - Andrey A. Chernov
* Replace gets() with fgets() for the Unix setup() in LYCurses.c - AAC
* Tweaks for building with FreeBSD. - AAC & FM
* Added handling of META directives for ISO-8859-2 and KOI8-R if the
  document is text/html and a server header didn't already set the
  charset. - AAC & FM
* Tweaks of memory management. - FM
* Made the LONG_LIST parameters for Unix local directory listings
  configurable via userdefs.h and lynx.cfg - DT
* Added code for re-computing and retaining the current link if it is still
  on the page when using the LYK_UP_TWO and LYK_DOWN_TWO commands. - FM
* Added support for nested emphasis tags (they're all still displayed as
  HT_UNDERLINE, but no longer terminated prematurely). - FM
* Added more suffix maps in HTInit.c. - FM
* Tweak of META attribute definitions. - FM
* Don't reject LYNXKEYMAP and lynxcgi URLs with the -localhost switch. - FM
* Made the loaded_texts list in GridText.c functionally "circular", so
  that returning to a cached document causes it to be treated as the most
  current, and dumps of cache, when necessary to load a new document, are
  done for the least recently viewed rather than least recently fetched
  document. - FM
* Show the METHOD and ACTION in showinfo() of LYShowInfo.c if invoked when
  the cursor is positioned on a submit button. - FM
* If the user mode is advanced, keep showing the URL in the statusline
  when Lynx is in forms mode but the link is not a form field. - FM
* Tweaks of code for submissions of forms with only a single INPUT
  (TYPE="text") field. - FM
* Treat any META directives with a NAME or HTTP-EQUIV value of "Pragma"
  or "Cache-Control" and a CONTROL value of "no-cache" as an instruction
  always to resubmit any form(s) in the document. - FM
* Added parsing of META directives.  Functions can be added where indicated
  in HTML.c. - FM
* Include the HTTP/1.1 "Cache-Control: no-cache" header together with the
  HTTP/1.0 "Pragma: no-cache" header for reload or resubmit requests. - FM
* Fixed bug in the check for an all-space ALT in IMG when creating a
  link for its SRC. - FM
* Fixed parsing of square-bracketted DOCTYPE fields. - FM
* Improvments of logic for indentations within lists. - FM
* For resiliency, treat upper case letters as equivalent to lower case in
  scheme names (e.g., allow "HTTP" as well as "http"), by converting them
  to the appropriate case before entering them into the anchor hash table
  or otherwise acting on them. - FM
* Added ability to change the default reply to the "really quit" prompt
  from "[Y]" to "[N]" via a compilation symbol in userdefs.h. - DT
* Added ALIGN attribute for HR (default is "center"). - FM
* If a form has a single field, and it's INPUT TYPE="text", treat
  RETURN as a submit command for it. - FM
* Added START as a synonym for the SEQNUM attribute in OL. - FM
* Enhancements of the wais gateway. - FM
* Fixed up HREF, ACTION and SRC resolving to be conformant with RFC 1808
  (except that we don't yet support a ";params" field). - FM
* Tweaks of yesterday's jumps file mods. - FM
* Enhancements of 'J'umps file handling, including ability to install
  multiple jumps files mapped to different keys and associated with
  different statusline prompts and recall buffers. - DT & FM
* Deal with ALTs that have only spaces when in clickable_image mode. - FM
* Worked in WM's mods to make the REVERSE_CLEAR_SCREEN_PROBLEM workaround
  a configuration option via ENABLE_SCROLLBACK in lynx.cfg and a command
  line toggle (-enable_scrollback), for use with comm programs which have
  screen display buffers that can be accessed for review independently
  of the Lynx commands (see comments in lynx.cfg). - FM
* Use the BASE, if present, instead of the original document URL, as the
  default ACTION for forms. - FM
* Tweaks of paragraph alignment handling. - FM
* Make sure we don't realloc() a NULL env pointer in LYCgi.c. - DT
* Cancel bookmark deletion if the line does not have a complete link or if
  there is more than one link on the line. - DT
* Fixed bad logic in the setting of bold and/or underline starting points
  in new lines created via split_line() of GridText.c. - FM
* Added case KEY_BACKSPACE in LYgetch() of LYStrings.c. - GL
* Fixed problem of SELECT causing all immediately following white space
  to be ignored. - FM
* More tweaks of paragraphing, and handling of labeled blocks within
  PRE blocks. - FM
* Added INFOSECS, MESSAGESECS and ALERTSECS symbols in userdefs.h and
  lynx.cfg for setting the durations of statusline pauses (important when
  using Lynx with a braille-based access).  See comments in userdefs.h and
  lynx.cfg for more information. - FM
* More tweaks of paragraph handling. - FM
* Include the Reference lists is crawl output files if the -number_links
  switch was included and the -nolist switch wasn't. - FM
* Tweaks of finger and telnet gateways. - FM
* Added handling of MARQUEE equivalently to BANNER. - FM
* Various tweaks of 8-bit character and related HTML handling (OLs
  or ULs without attributes or some wrong combinations were crashing
  Lynx). - FM
* Implemented the ID attribute for TAB, and the TO and INDENT attributes
  when its ALIGN attribute is "left" (the default) and the style's
  alignment is HT_LEFT (the default).  If these conditions don't apply,
  or if the TAB target is outside the current margins or would overlap
  prior text, a collapsible space is inserted instead of TABing.  The
  INDENT values are in "en" units, treated as 12 per column.  Added
  tabtest.html in the test subdirectory to illustrate TABing. - FM
* Added the HTML 3.0 DTD structures and definitions for SPOT, and fully
  implemented it (use SPOT ID="foo" as SGML_EMPTY instead of named anchors
  with no content). - FM
* Added the HTML 3.0 DTD structures and definitions for TAB.  For now, it
  simply puts a collapsible space in the text stream if the TO attribute
  is present. - FM
* Added the top-level HTML 3.0 DTD structures and definitions for MATH, and
  implemented it's ID attribute.  The markup is captured as HTML_LITTERAL,
  and until we have a processor, is output as is, in brackets to alert the
  user about the situation. - FM
* Tweaks of LYK_UP_LINK and LYK_DOWN_LINK handling, and added them to the
  default mapping as '<' and '>'. - FM
* Tweaks of LYK_TOOLBAR handling. - FM
* Added LYK_TOOLBAR (mapped by default to '#') for jumping up to the pseudo
  Toolbar or Banner if present in the current document.  Using '#' instead
  of Home to jump there allows you to Left-Arrow back to where you were in
  the current document.  Set up a BANNER in about_lynx-dev.html to serve
  as an example of this feature. - FM
* Added the HTML 3.0 DTD structures and definitions for BANNER, implemented
  its ID attribute, and set it up to act as a pseudo Toolbar if one hasn't
  been set up already via REL attributes of LINKs. - FM
* Tweaks of paragraphing for CAPTION, CREDIT, FOOTNOTE, and NOTE. - FM
* Handle (i.e., ignore) any P that immediately follows an LI, DT or DD. - FM
* Cancel any file fetch and viewer spawn or launch during traverals. - FM
* Added finger gateway (finger://host[/request]) based on patches from
  Martin Hamilton ( - FM
* Added LYE_TAB for mapping keys to act as LYE_ENTER, but return '\t' so
  that the behavior of TAB is emulated in TEXTAREAs, and mapped Do to
  LYE_TAB in the default binding. - FM
* Fixed glitch in handling of DEC extended characters which contain two
  digits (affected Do and Find). - FM
* Better documented that disabling access to hidden (dot) files also
  disables ability to create such files via Lynx. - FM
* Added handling of mailto as a form ACTION.  See
  for software to extract and unescape the mailed content. - FM
* Added lynxprog URL handling, which is identical to lynxexec URL handling
  except that the user is not prompted to enter RETURN before returning
  to Lynx.  Use lynxprog for scripts or programs such as mail which do not
  need an enforced pause to let the user read the screen output. - FM
* Removed code in HTFile.c for treating ',' as a synomym of '.' for
  hidden files (nobody seems to know why that was being done 8-). - FM
* Moved inclusions from LYBookmark to tcp.h. - FM
* Extend optional hidden (dot) file/directory support to Unix, and embellished
  it on VMS and Unix with regulation via a command line switch and 'o'ptions
  menu setting.  See userdefs.h and lynx.cfg for more information. - GL & FM
* Added support on Unix for straight tar files and a compile time option that
  disables the ability to extract files from an archive file (since there is
  no control over the files extracted). - GL
* More tweaks of 8-bit character handling. - FM
* Added "Macintosh (8 bit)" character set. - Neil K. Guy
* Added "Example Lynx Optimized User Home Page" to the online 'h'elp. - FM
* Fixed Cc: header handling for email on Unix. - FM
* Reference the current character set for any raw 8-bit characters in
  text/plain streams (but don't translate named or decimal escaped
  entities, since that's specific for text/html). - FM
* Block any illegal control or escape characters in text/plain streams,
  to avoid problems if a binary ftp or local file was mistyped and sent
  to the screen as that Content-type. - FM
* Eliminated mod in SGML.c which emulated Netscape's bug of treating '>'
  as both a close-double-quote and close-tag (Netscape v2.0 fixed its
  bug, so hopefully the bad HTML with it will go away. 8-). - FM
* Assume an ISO-8859-1 character set for all local files.  If it's
  actually ISO-8859-2 and the terminal is using that, set the Lynx
  CharSet option to "ISO Latin 1" so that 8-bit characters will be
  sent raw to the terminal. - FM
* Added Martin Ramsch's iso8859-1.html to the test subdirectory.
  Use it to complete the conversion tables in LYCharSets.c. - FM
* Don't block insertion of a lead space for INPUTs in PRE blocks, so
  alignments will be compatible with those of graphic clients. - FM
* Don't block all access to the 'p'rint menu for the print restriction
  (should still offer printer options which have the TRUE flag set;
   all access is still blocked for -validate). - FM
* Replaced the STDfoo_FILENO symbols in LYCgi.c with the more portable
  fileno(stdfoo). - WM
* Added NCURSESINCDIR compilation symbol for setting the path to the
  NCURSES header file in LYCurses.h to that of the latest version. - GL
* Tweaks of interrupt handling on VMS.
* Added more suffix maps in HTInit.c. - FM
* Mods in LYCgi.c which hopefully makes the code more portable across
  Unix flavors. - FM
* Tweaks of global flag initializations and resets in HTML.c. - FM
* Added RESOLVLIB symbol in the top Makefile for including -lresolv
  in the LIBS= list, if needed, for SUN 3 or 4 OS, and comments about
  that in the Makefile, and INSTALLATION and PROBLEMS files based on an
  explanation from Will Mengarini ( - FM
* Mods of top level Makefile:  Added NOPORT compilation symbol for forcing
  use of PASV in ftp URLs.  Added NO_S_IFSOCK compilation symbol for Unix
  flavors which lack an S_IFSOCK definition for lstat(). - FM
* Reload the current document whenever the character set is changed. - FM
* Don't reference entities for raw (or decimal escaped) 8-bit characters
  if the document is not text/html, or for any local files if the charset
  is Latin. - FM
* Made Ctrl-H a synonym for DELETE instead of Left-Arrow in the line
  editor. - FM
* Handle all characters in strings for the new line editor as unsigned
  so they don't go negative if 8-bit. - DW
* Restored proper handling of the MAXLENGTH attribute in INPUTs for
  strings entered with the new line editor. - FM
* Deal with all non-printing characters when setting up the SELECT
  pop-up window strings. - FM
* Handle raw 8-bit characters via reference to the ISO-LATIN1 named
  entities so they in turn can be referenced to the currently selected
  character set. - FM
* Yet more tweaks of non-breaking space handling. - FM
* Improved treatment of the startpage URL with -traversal so that it only
  blocks traversals of links on other servers.  Any links on the same
  http server which shouldn't be traversed may be blocked via explicit
  and/or wildcarded entries in REJECT.DAT.  Updated CRAWL.announce to
  make this more clear. - FM
* Typo fixes in top-level Makefile. - Steve Jeske (
* Handle decimal escaped entities via reference to the ISO-LATIN1 named
  entities so they in turn can be referenced to the currently selected
  character set. - FM
* Tweaks of formatting for LONG_LIST directory lists and README file
  inclusions in HTFile.c and HTVMSUtils.c. - FM
* Tweaks of decimal escaped non-breaking space handling in HTML.c. - FM
* Force unescaping of hidden VALUEs for INPUTs as ISO-LATIN1. - FM
* Added ".shtml" and ".htmlx" as text/html extensions in HTInit.c. - FM
* Made parsing of the name and address out of the NNTP From: header more
  reliable in HTNews.c. - FM
* Added "LYNX_TEMP_SPACE" environment variable (Unix) or VMS logical,
  which if present at run time will be used instead of the the TEMP_SPACE
  definition in userdefs.h as the path prefix for temporary files. - FM
* Added TYPE attritute for OL, and coordinated it with the SEQNUM and
  CONTINUE attributes.  The default TYPE is "1" (Arabic numbers), and
  SEQNUM values for it can range from -29997 to the system's maximum
  integer.  The Alphabetic TYPEs are "A" (upper case) and "a" (lower
  case), and can range from 1 (" A." or " a.") to 18278 ("ZZZ." or
  "zzz.").  The Roman TYPES are "I" (upper case) and "i" (lower case),
  and can range from 1 (" I." or " i.") to 3000 ("MMM." or  "mmm.").
  SEQNUM values should always be Arabic, and will be converted to
  other types (e.g., SEQNUM="27" TYPE="a" will yield "aa." for the
  next LI). The CONTINUE attribute will cause the sequence and TYPE
  of the preceding OL to be continued for LIs in the current OL. - FM
* Treat a value of "*" for "no_proxy" as a global override of any
  existing proxy variables. - FM
* Deal with raw or decimal escaped non-breaking space characters in
  SGML_character() of SGML.c and LYUnEscapeEntities() of HTML.c. - FM
* Updated info about lynx-dev in and lynx.hlp. - FM
* Don't force LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED in dumps if -nolist was included. - FM
* Output the References list for dumps with OL-style numbering. - FM
* More tweaks of "anti-spoof" handling for telnet URLs. - FM
* Block direct access to the telnet prompt for telnet URLs entered without
  a host field. - FM
* Include the TRUSTED flag in spawns for OpenVMS/AXP v6.1 or greater. - FM
* Convert any strings in news articles that look like URLs into links. - FM
* Use the Followup header in news articles, if present, for followups.
  Otherwise, use the Newsgroups header.  - FM
* Ignore any invalid ISO 646 7-bit control characters or ISO 8859 8-bit
  control characters in SGML_character() of SGML.c. - FM
* Typo fix in HTTCP.c for non-MULTINET VMS builds. - Gary Chow (
* Assume the root as path in HTParse() of HTParse.c if the access and host
  but no path are given, and the access is http, https, or ftp. - FM
* Make sure the FREE(x) macro gets defined for HTTCP.c. - FM
* Mods in HTTCP.c to prevent string buffer overruns. - FM
* Prevent possible string buffer underrun for terminal white space trims
  in GridText.c. - Renato Buda (
* Updated the listserv and archive addresses in the about and help files. - FM
* Added support for Windows_NT FTP servers. - FM
* Added ability to send a self copy of mail via a Cc: header on Unix
  (sending of self copies is set via the mail software itself on VMS). - FM
* Tweaks of SOCKET_ERRNO handling in HTTCP.C. - FM
* Include unistd.h more consistently on Unix (via tcp.h) if NO_UNISTD_H
  is not defined. - FM
* Modified the FreeBSD and NetBSD libwww Makefiles to use the
  CommonMakefile. - FM
* Makefile addition (snake3) for the HP-UX purchased compiler. - Andy
  Finkenstadt (
* Deal with HTAlert.c function calls to LYgetstr(), e.g., for a password,
  when doing a -dump or -source non-interactive fetch. - FM
* Output HTAlert() messages to both stderr and stdout in TRACE mode. - FM
* Added a description of the line editor's default key bindings to the
  help file set. - FM
* Tweaks of the line editor. - FM
* Declare DCLspawn_exception() in LYCurses.c as unsigned int only for
  DECC (otherwise as int, for VAXC and GNUC). - FM
* Added common line editor for forms and prompted queries, with configurable
  line editor key bindings.  See LYStrings.h and LYEditmap.c for the default
  configuration. - DW & FM
* Tweaks of's symbol assignments when in batch mode. - MM
* Added ISO-8859-2 CharSet, and mods for Accept-Charsets handling based
  on patches from Mark Martinec ( - FM
* Tweaks of OL attribute handling.  Allow negative SEQNUM values.  Keep
  better track of CONTINUE versus non-CONTINUE OL sequences within nests.
  Allow CONTINUE in the first OL of a new nest, set to the last LI count
  of the previous nest (at any depth in that previous nest). - FM
* Tweak of LYUnEscapeEntities() in HTML.c. - DW & FM
* Another tweak of groupid handling in LYShowInfo.c. - DW
* More fixes of 7-bit character approximations. - DW
* More help and about file tweaks. - DSL
* Added the HTML 3.0 DTD structures and definitions for DIV, and implemented
  its ALIGN and ID attributes.  I think I have it behaving rationally if it
  is used together with CENTER, LEFT and/or RIGHT (Though they're all treated
  as DIVs by Lynx, and shouldn't be embedded in each other, somebody will do
  that anyway!. 8-). - FM
* Added the HTML 3.0 DTD structures and definitions for FN (Footnote).  It
  should be handled as a popup window, but for now, it's implemented as a
  labelled block and has the same style and behavior as a NOTE with an ID
  attribute. - FM
* Some compilers can't handle the continuation line in yesterday's
  LYCurses.h.  Made it one long line. - FM
* Further enhanced the online help and about files. - FM
* Added -DNO_FILIO_H to Makefile for SCO. - FM
* Worked in stuff from 14-Sep-95 lynx2-4-2 upgrade. - FM:
  * Added patch to compile Lynx on BSDI with Ncurses package. -RK
  * Ported Lynx to DG-UX. - RK
* Further modified HTNews.c so that it returns unmodified news messages
  when the display is toggled to source ('\') or when downloading them,
  so uuencoded messages always can be saved without corruption, and so
  I also changed the SCAN_FOR_BURIED_NEWS_REFS compilation default to
  TRUE. - FM
* Simplified a compound if() in HTParse.c which may have been giving the
  AIX v4.1 compiler a headache. - FM
* Eliminated distinct style sheets for CAPTION and CREDIT so their content
  will inherit the current style, and added HTML_EnsureDoubleSpace() and
  HTML_ResetParagraphAlignment() in HTML.c for coping with the absence of
  distinct style sheets for those elements, and for FIG.
* Added SCAN_FOR_BURIED_NEWS_REFS configuration symbol in lynx.cfg, with
  a compilation default of FALSE, and a -buried_news switch for toggling
  the default.  When TRUE, Lynx scans the bodies of news articles for
  references and converts them to news links, but creates false news
  links if any email addresses are enclosed in angle brackets, and can
  trash uuencoded messages. - FM
* Eliminated distinct style sheet for FIG so its content will inherit the
  current style and display appropriately within lists.  Should be OK if
  people use valid HTML 3.0 in it's content for non-graphic clients. - FM
* Added links for the W3C HTML 2.0 and 3.0 specifications and for the
  HAL HTML validation service to the Lynx help file set.
* Made the BOLD_NAME_ANCHORS compilation symbols FALSE by default.  Most
  documents now include emphasis tags for NAME (ID) anchors if it's desired,
  because the most common graphic clients don't emphasize them by default,
  so we should adjust to that in Lynx as well (IMHO 8-).  Added emphasis
  tags for the NAME anchors in the Lynx help files. - FM
* Eliminated forced uppercasing of H1 headers.  Most documents have mixed
  casing and we should preserve it (IMHO 8-).  Added a BOLD_H1 configuration
  symbol, set FALSE by default, for making H1 headers bold even if BOLD_HEADERS
  is FALSE.  Modify the two configuration symbols in lynx.cfg for the pattern
  or header emphasis which pleases you. - FM
* Tweak of list paragraphing.  Added HText_PeviousLineSize() in GridText.c
  for determining if the previous line had only non-printing characters. - FM
* Impelemented true paragraphing and the P ALIGN attribute within lists (UL,
  OL and DL blocks) and within ADDRESS blocks.  Paragraphs within lists have
  one blank line inserted.  Within ADDRESS blocks, a newline will be created
  if needed, but no blank lines are inserted.  Use BR, not P, to force extra
  newlines within blocks.  Do not place a P immediately following the LI or
  DD tags.  Alignments of P blocks are done with respect to the "second line"
  margins of LI or DD elements. - FM
* Convert '~' to getenv("HOME") in file URLs whether or not DIRED_SUPPORT
  is defined. - FM
* Tweak of TR and more tweaks of HR handling.  Added HText_LastLineSize()
  and HText_TrueLineSize() functions in GridText.c for determining if
  lines have only non-printing characters in decisions on whether to
  insert additional newlines. - FM
* Act on Page-Up, Page-Down, Home, End, Find and Select in the form_getstr()
  editor (hoping they have their default mappings 8-).  Also act on Remove
  and Control-D as delete keys in that line editor (as in the LYgetstr()
  line editor). - FM
* Tweak of HR handling. - FM
* Mods to prevent creating multiple copies of temporary printer files. - FM
* More fixes for NeXT.  Temporary files for VIEWER, DOWNLOADER or PRINTER
  commands on NeXT all have the ".html" default suffix replaced with ones
  indicative of the Content-type. - FM
* Mods to prevent creating multiple copies of temporary viewer or downloader
  files. - FM
* Fixes for NeXT. - FM
* Enabled the -help switch when no configuration file is available and
  Lynx would otherwise exit (i.e., it now outputs the help message before
  it exits). - FM
* Documented the -child switch. - FM
* Fixed and documented the -nolog switch. - FM
* Changed the -linknums switch to -number_links, fixed the code to work,
  and documented the switch. - FM
* Made handling of escaped colons (\:) in VIEWER commands reliable. - FM
* Implemented the PLAIN attribute for UL, and the SEQNUM and CONTINUE
  attributes for OL. - FM
* Updated the DTD structures and definitions for DD, DL, DT, LI, OL and UL
  to HTML 3.0, added LH, and implemented full HTML 3.0 ID handling for those,
  (some of which are obsoleted in HTML 3.0, but what the heck 8-). - FM
* Made bolding of NAME (ID) anchor contents configurable in lynx.cfg. - FM
* Tweaks of FIG and OVERLAY handling:  Only put up [FIGURE] (and +[OVERLAY])
  links if clickable_images is set.  Assume P ALIGN="left" if contained
  text does not begin with an explicit tag that sets an alignment. - FM
* Implemented full HTML 3.0 ID handling for IMG. - FM
* Tweaks for FreeBSD. - Masafumi NAKANE (
* Added support for using a TITLE attribute as the subject in anchors with a
  mailto HREF (A HREF="mailto:address" TITLE="RE: subject"). - FM
* Implemented full HTML 3.0 ID handling for A, ADDRESS, BLOCKQUOTE, BQ,
* Updated the DTD structures and definitions for ADDRESS to HTML 3.0. - FM
* Block insertion of any escape sequence characters or substitutes when
  editing form INPUTs or TEXTAREAs. - FM
* Tweak of ALIGN attribute handling in paragraphs. - FM
* Protect against hanging on escape sequences if received (illegally) in
  documents typed as text/plain or text/html. - FM
* Declared DCLspawn_exception() as an unsigned int to keep DECC happy. - FM
* Give LYUpload() a return value (because LYLocal.c has been testing for
  one all these years 8-). - FM
* Force reload on return from 'o'ptions menu if HTfileSortMethod or
  keypad_mode are changed. - FM
* Force no cache of keymap display whenever vi_keys or emacs_keys are
  changed. - FM
* Added Remove and Control-D as Delete synonyms for removing characters to
  the left of the cursor in the LYgetstr() line editor, and Control-F as
  Right-arrow synonym for moving the cursor to the right. - FM
* Modified prompted string editing via LYgetstr() along lines in patch
  from PM (editing of form INPUT and TEXTAREA strings is unchanged).
  Here's how the prompted string editing works:  Left-arrow and Backspace
  (Control-H) move the cursor to the left, and Right-arrow to the right,
  within the string.  Characters are INSERTed at the cursor position.
  Delete removes characters to the left of the cursor.  Home, Find and
  Control-A move the cursor to the beginning of the string.  End, Select
  and Control-E move the cursor to the end.  Control-U erases the string.
  Control-G cancels at any time.  Return accepts if a string is present,
  or cancels if it was fully erased or never entered.  A right-curley
  brace appears in the right-most column when the string has segment(s)
  scrolled off screen, and if left scrolled, the cursor sits on it for
  further editing with the above command keys (or acceptance via Return).
  Long strings scroll both left and right between the prompt string and
  right-curley brace.  Had to modify 17 files to make this line editor
  crash safe (I hope people like it!  8-). - FM
* Use a macro in parse_arg() of LYMain.c to ensure proper handling of
  switches which take a value and might have a space instead of an '='
  between the name and value. - DW
* Insulate any system RTL's getline() from the one in HTInit.c. - DW
* Enabled editing of titles when adding bookmarks. - FM
* Fixed the IBM PC character set in LYCharSets.c (Note:  The PC-set has the
  currency symbol but it is a control character - ^O - so there is a chance
  that curses or the user's terminal may discard it.  Did not fix the
  Icelandic characters). - DW
* Check whether getpwuid() and getgrid() have returned NULL pointers in
  LYShowInfo.c. - DW
* Break up the too elaborate, compound assignment statements in LYList.c
  so no compilers get tripped up by evaluation order effects. - DW
* Worked in mods from DW to cope with CR, CRLF or LF all as EOL in HTML.c
  and GridText.c (not sure if they take into account all of the consequences
  of Lou's "big cheat" in GridText.c, but they appear to, so far). - FM
* Explicitly preserve the Lynx bookmark file mode on Unix. - DSL
* More documentation and help updates. - FM
* Updated INSTALLATION and comments in userdefs.h and lynx.cfg. - FM
* If save to disk was done via the download menu, and a VMS rename() attempt
  succeeded so we don't spawn a COPY, we no longer can access the file via
  the download menu, so pop in that situation. - FM
* Worked in stuff from 16-Aug-95 lynx2-4-2 upgrade.  Most had already been
  added to lynx2-4-FM.  This is the new stuff. - FM:
  * Applied patch from Peter van Heusden ( to fix
    a bug when lynx encounters an OPTION tag before the style is
    ever updated. - CL
  * Added some tweaks to Makefile and LYCurses.h to get lynx to properly
    compile on ISC.  Thanks to Robert Salter (
* Added a -validate switch for turning off everything except http URLs,
  helpfiles, and secure menus in Lynx.  Can be used with -dump in CGI
  scripts, but is intended for use with anonymous telnet logins.  In the
  latter case, the user can start with his/her server's or userdir homepage,
  and validate everything, while able to manipulate the display features
  (e.g., whether or not links are numbered) and turn on trace (Control-T,
  then Control-R to reload) when a "Bad HTML" document is encountered.  The
  telnet approach is particularly useful when used with the 'l'ist feature.
  When used with -dump, compare it with versus without -nolist. - FM
* Added a missing curley brace in EF's (08-16-95) patches. - FM
* Added HISTORICAL_COMMENTS symbol which if set TRUE in lynx.cfg will cause
  Lynx to revert to the "historical" behavior of treating any '>' as a
  comment terminator instead of (a valid) '-->', and a -historical switch
  for toggling the default behavior. - FM
* Added a -nolist switch for turning off the link list feature in dumps. - FM
* Modified SGML.c so that it still substitutes the expected end tag if a
  different one is encountered (e.g, due to a document having interdigitated
  instead of validly embedded tags), but doesn't do a wind down of the
  element stack.  This gives it a better chance of recovering from bad
  HTML, and the sanity checks I've added thus far in HTML.c appear to still
  be adequate for avoiding crashes (we'll see 8-). - FM
* Mods to support within-document anchors in documents returned via
  lynxcgi scripts. - FM
* Worked in EF's patches to handle changes of keymaps under DIRED_SUPPORT
  with OK_OVERRIDE, and to give the user some feedback during an Install
  command. - FM
* Don't include a Referer header for 'g'oto URLs. - FM
* Added patches from PR for compilations with VMS port of GNUC:  Modified
  several prototypes to avoid GNUC warnings about conflicts with ones in
  lib$routines.h, and added code in HTVMS_WaisUI.c to deal with an obscure
  glitch for GNUC v2.6.[123] and v2.7.0 (not present in v2.6.0 or earlier,
  and fixed in v2.7.1). - FM
* Worked in code from PR as LYVMS_FixedLengthRecords() in HTFWriter.c to
  change attributes of binary files on VMS from Stream_LF to FIXED 512,
  no implied carriage control, best try contiguous.  Replaces the spawn
  to execute FIXED512.COM. - FM
* Modified TEXTAREA handling to succeed or fail on bad HTML equivalently
  to Netscape. - FM
* Mods to avoid crashes and to do something reasonable with OPTION strings
  that are wider than the available popup window width.  Truncation is
  indicated by omission of a terminating ']' in the window link, and the
  window, when popped up, is made equal to the screen width (but we can't
  wrap the strings within the window, so they're truncated if they still
  don't fit). - FM
* Mods to handle INPUT fields that are packaged in PRE and would extend past
  the wrap column.  No way to make that perfect without a major redesign,
  but it's better now. - FM
* Handle 'g'oto entries equivalently to STARTFILE and HOMEPAGE, i.e., if
  the user's entry isn't a URL, convert it to a file URL if it's a file
  or directory on the local system, otherwise convert it to an http URL.
  For example, "~/" will be converted to a file URL for listing the HOME
  directory (on both Unix and VMS), and "" will become
  "". - FM
* Fix LYCurses.h to deal with definitions of TRUE and FALSE in cursesX.h
  on ultrix. - Brian Exelbierd (
* Made SYSTEM_MAIL, and MAIL_ADRS on VMS, configurable in lynx.cfg. - FM
* Fixed two initialization problems that could account for reports of
  inappropriate HEAD requests in pops of cached documents. - FM
* More tweaks for coping with bad HTML. - FM
* Fixed bug in code for bypassing bad SUFFIX: or VIEWER: entries. - FM
* Added code in GridText.c to deal with syntactically OK but symantically
  nonsensical uses of ALT="" in IMG tags (i.e., when the IMG is structured
  to provide the anchor for a link, and so the anchor ends up with nothing
  but nonprinting characters for bolding), and removed the forcing of an
  "[ISMAP]" pseudo-ALT in HTML.c.  The show_anchor element in TextAnchor
  structures is now set to NO whenever an anchor does not have any
  printing characters. - FM
* Modified HTML.c to issue only one "Bad HTML" statusline message per
  document (unless it's one of those unbelievably bad CGI script outputs
  that are functionally multiple, concatenated documents 8-), and similarly
  for "Table in Form" and "Form in Table" informational messages. - FM
* Don't bother prompting whether to send a HEAD request for the current
  document if there are no links on the page (but still prompt if the user
  makes a HEAD request when positioned on an inappropriate form link). - FM
* Added code in SGML.c for storing Identfiers (e.g., !DOCTYPE) and Comments
  (i.e., tags beginning with !--) and for reporting them in trace mode.
  Serves as a model for actually using them someday (i.e, functions for
  analyzing them could be called where we presently just invoke a trace
  output to stderr). - FM
* Modified SGML.c to handle comments as in the current specs, and put
  Paul Gilmartin's ( TestComment.html in the
  test subdirectory. - FM
* Added binary extensions in HTInit.c that were giving people problems
  on FTP servers. - FM
* Added explicit check for CMU in telnet support with SOCKETSHR-built
  images. - SB
* Added -link switch for setting the count in lnk#.dat files with -crawl
  (needed if you interrupt a traversal and want to pick up again where
  you left off). - DM
* More tweaks of -traversal code and Makefile.  All known bugs appear to
  have been dealt with at this point.  Updated, lynx.hlp and
  help files to include the -traversal and -crawl switches. - FM
* Changed the SEQUENT compilation sympbol to PTX2 and added a ptx2 procedure
  to the Makefile for Sequent Symmetry DYNIX/ptx v2, because more current
  versions reportedly have solved the problems which the conditional
  compilation attempted to address. - FM
* Force in the "[ISMAP]" pseudo-ALT if someone uses ALT="" for an IMG tag
  that has ISMAP specified. - FM
* Tweaks of the -traversal code (still experimental). - DM & FM
* Worked in code from David Mathog ( for
  implementing the TRAVERSAL function from old versions of Lynx, but via
  a command line switch (-traversal) instead of in a separately compiled
  executable, and for a CRAWL function, invoked via a command line switch
  (-crawl), which allows Lynx to be used as the front end for a Web Crawler.
  See CRAWL.announce for more information. - FM
* More tweaks of LYCurses.c and LYCgi.c for GNUC on VMS. - SB
* More tweaks of src/Makefile. - DSL
* Tweaks of yesterday's Makefile and descrip.mms files. - FM
* Tweak in HTFTP.c to ensure that Lynx doesn't sit around waiting for an
  FTP server's good-bye message if the server closes the connection itself
  and doesn't send one. - FM
* Added GNUC support to the VMS descrip.mms files. - FM
* Tweaks of HTWAIS.c socket handling on VMS (I can't reproduce a reported
  problem with SOCKETSHR/NetLIB, but these tweaks might help). - FM
* Added my guesses at code for HTTelnet.c to implement telnet, tn3270 and
  rlogin support, if available, when building with SOCKETSHR/NetLIB on
  VMS. - FM
* Mods for Sequent Symmetry DYNIX/ptx - Mark Kolmar (
* Added GL's lynxcgi patches posted to lynx-dev, plus some tweaks. - FM
* Worked in GL's lynxcgi mods as in Lynx2-4-2:
   Added George Lindholm's LYNXCGI feature.  This allows lynx to bypass
   http daemons to run local CGI scripts using a URL of the form
   "lynxcgi:/path/cgi-script".  To implement in Lynx, LYNXCGI_LINKS
   must be uncommented in userdefs.h and TRUSTED_LYNXCGI must be fixed
   in lynx.cfg.  It doesn't handle redirection or mime-types and
   scripts should probably generate partial URLs when referring back to
   itself.  If the file you're going after isn't an executable then it
   will be loaded as regular file.  This makes it possible to go back
   and forth between cgi-scripts and .html files.
   I changed the way TRUSTED_LYNXCGIs are recorded because they don't
   work quite the same as TRUSTED_EXECs do.  Also, George says it works
   fine on SunOS and Solaris, and it seems to work fine on Linux. - CL
* Don't block access to the download menu when both no_download and
  no_disk_save are set if any of the download commands have always_enabled
  set (ie. present a reduced menu, with those still available). - FM
* More tweaks of help and html files. - DSL
* Added support for GNUC in the VMS .com files.  Should now compile and link
  automatically for GNUC via, but that needs testing. - FM
* Reorganized VMS option files into ones for the transport and ones for the
  compiler, with corresponding updates of the .com and .mms files. - FM
* Tweaks of mods for GNUC on VMS, based on further discussions with
  SB. - FM
* Tweaks of -help output. - Daniel S. Lewart (
* Ugh!!  Blew it for Unix when setting up the GLOBALDEF/GLOBALREF definitions
  in tcp.h for VAXC vs. DECC vs. GNUC on VMS this morning (I'm a night
  person 8-). - FM
* Worked in code for compiling with the VMS port of GNUC, based on patches
  from Sterling Bjorndahl ( and advice from
  Pat Rankin (  Needs testing, and the linking
  procedure still needs to be addressed explicitly. - FM
* Prevent possibility of a null pointer dereference if an ISMAP anchor
  fetch fails. - David Trueman (
* Added LYK_HEAD (mapped by default to ']') to send HEAD requests for the
  current document or link (always sent with LYforce_no_cache). - FM
* More, lynx.hlp, help file and documentation updates. - FM
* Put back "-mime_headers" with mods like those in lynx2-4-2, i.e., so that
  a source dump is forced.  Both "-mine_headers" and "-head" show the status
  line as well as the MIME headers. - FM
* Modified "-error_file" to show the complete status line, as well as the
  URL and METHOD, and to concatenate entries instead of creating separate
  files for each request. - FM
* Updated the, lynx.hlp and lynx_help files. - FM
* Changed "-mime_headers" to "-head" and implemented it as a HEAD request
  for fetching the MIME headers as text/plain. - FM
* Removed 00DIFFERENT from this distribution. - FM
* Made use of _underline_ format in dumps optional via SUBSTITUTE_UNDERSCORES
  definitions in userdefs.h and/or lynx.cfg, and added a "-underscore"
  command line switch for toggling the default on or off. - FM
* Use system("exec $SHELL") for spawning the default shell on Unix. - Paul
  Gilmartin (
* Fixed typo in check for news vs. nntp URLs in HTNews.c. - Wilson Cheung
* Added code to the VMS setup() for dealing with curses conficts if someone
  used -post_data or -get_data without specifying -dump under conditions
  which require it, so it's not forced in LYMain.c as on Unix.  If fact,
  -get_data and -post_data are very useful in interactive invokations. - FM
* Fixed memory leak in the -post_data and -get_data handling. - FM
* Added LYNX_HOST_NAME in userdefs.h and lynx.cfg for defining an alias
  which will be treated equivalently to "localhost" and HTHostName (the
  fully qualified domain name of the system running Lynx) in checks for
  URLs on the local host (e.g., when the -localhost switch is set). - FM
* Added in or improved descriptions for the new switches in the Lynx
  command line help and Lynx_users_guide.html. - FM
* Tweaks of yesterday's startfile and -homepage mods, and added treatment
  of '~' as SYS$LOGIN when used as the lead character on VMS (e.g., on
  VMS as on Unix,  lynx ~/  will create a listing of the login directory
  for the account running lynx). - FM
* Worked in stuff from 13-Jul-95 lynx2-4-1 upgrade.  Most had already been
  added to lynx2-4-FM.  This is the new stuff. - FM:
* Added some command line patches from Peter Brooks - CL:
  (  The new command lines are:
	-post_data, -get_data = send form data from stdin and dumps results.
	-auth=ID:PASSWD = sets authorization stuff at startup.
	-mime_header = prints mime header with -source.
	-noredir = prevents automatic redirection
	-error_file=file = prints HTTP status code to file.  (Not sure of
		his motivation on this one, something to do with SlipKnot,
		I think.)
	(Replaced Peter's strdup()'s with more portable code. - FM)
* Added Erik Olson's ( patch to use the
  _underline_ format when using the -dump option. - CL
  (Kept the old code, #ifdef'ed out, to make this optional someday. - FM)
* Fixed a bug in local_dired.  Specifically, a pointer to a fixed array
  was being fed into StrAllocCopy as the destination.  Linux was choking
  on this although OSF/1 and AIX seemed to handle it better. - CL
* If a command line "startfile" and/or -homepage is not a URL, and can't
  be located as a file or directory on the local system, treat it as an
  http URL, e.g., will be treated as - FM
* Added nntp URL handling (nntp://news_host[:port]/path).  Made it read
  access only (use news URLs for both read and post access). - FM
* Added code for proxying https and snews URLs.  The Netsite proxy server
  can proxy them without need for SSL code in the clients themselves, i.e.,
  for Lynx as publically distributed (need client-resident SSL code and
  tunneling for the CERN proxy server, sorry). - FM
* Added the CONNECT protocol to our local code, so that SSL URLs can be
  tunneled through proxy servers, and reorganized some code so that patches
  for the SSL hooks can be applied easily if NSA regulations are relaxed. - FM
* More tweaks of alignment code. - FM
* Fixed bad code for removing trailing white space in GridText.c, LYrcFile.c,
  LYReadCFG.c and LYUtils.c. - FM
* Added snews and nttp protocols, which simply inform the user that they
  aren't implemented. - FM
* The claim is that even mere hooks to the RSA and SSL libraries are
  objectionable to the NSA, so I removed then from the public distribution,
  but left in the https protocol, which simply informs the user that it
  isn't implemented. - FM
* Worked in Lou Montulli's ( code for https URL
  handling into the Common Library.  To actually use it, you have to
  get the RSA and SSL libraries, which are restricted to US citizens
  (it works if you are and do 8-).  I can't include those in this
  distribution, because by US law that would in turn restrict it to
  US citizens. - FM
* Tweaks of paragraph alignment code. - FM
* If we are not allowed to change the status of the "lynxexec
  execution of links" from the option screen then we shouldn't be
  allowed to change it from the .lynxrc file either. - GL
* Added George Lindholm's patch to add uudecode support to Lynx's file
  manager.  Unfortunately, uudecode puts the uudecoded file in the
  current working directory, namely the directory where lynx is started.
  I haven't thought of a workaround yet, so I made lynx print a
  statusline message informing the user. - CL
* Modified redirection-handling code in HTTP.c to ensure that we get all of
  the headers before trying to track down the Location: header. - FM
* For move's or rename's in the local DIRED code, don't write the new file
  name into the same buffer as the old. - Earl Fogel (
* Added GL's mods to use a stream-based procedure for displaying the
  current Lynx keymap.  Faster and more efficient than the temporary
  file-based procedure. - FM
07-04-95 (Enjoy the fireworks!!!  8-)
* More mods of SGML/HTML parsing to help recover from bad HTML. - FM
* Fixed some cryptic initialization problems in the Common Library's
  centering and right alignment code, that we're now using, by changing
  the malloc's in HTChunk.c to calloc's. - FM
* Secured some unsafe code in the LYstrncpy() function. - FM
* Increased the connect() and select() while()-looping limit in HTTCP.c
  to 30,000 tries. - FM
* Tweak of HR WIDTH attribute handling. - FM
* Updated the DTD structures and definitions for HR to HTML 3.0, plus
  its Netscape WIDTH and SIZE attributes, and implemented WIDTH, e.g.,
  HR WIDTH="50%" yields a centered horizontal rule half the width
  between the current left and right margins. - FM
* Fixed problem of header end tags not yielding line breaks when embedded
  in CENTER, LEFT or RIGHT tags. - FM
* Added MAKE_PSEUDO_ALTS_FOR_INLINES in userdefs.h and lynx.cfg which can
  be defined FALSE to treat inlines without an ALT string as having ALT=""
  instead of inserting the pseudo-ALT string "[INLINE]" into the document.
  The configuration file default can be toggled via a -pseudo_inlines
  command line switch, and the user can toggle the inclusion of pseudo-ALT
  strings on or off at run time via LYK_INLINE_TOGGLE (mapped by default
  to '['). - FM
* Made the -image_links command line switch a toggle for the configuration
  file default setting. - FM
* Enabled processing of forms that use TABLE for formatting.  I don't see any
  risk of crashes, and they might end up usable.  Messages warn the user that
  the display of the form may be strange. - FM
* Relaxed anti-crash protections for forms with bad HTML (usually due
  to interdigitated instead of embedded tags, written by providers with
  Netscape or Mosaic clients, which are insensitive to such fundamentally
  bad HTML).  I got the code to still work with several bad forms on the
  Net, and if a crash should occur, the user has been tipped off via the
  statusline or trace message about the nature of the problem. - FM
* Restored the meaning of the P element to be the beginning of a paragraph,
  updated its structures and definitions in the DTD to HTML 3.0, and
  implemented its ALIGN attribute (left, center, right).  Note that it
  no longer forces double spacing (you'll get the spacing defined in
  the stylesheet for the current element, which may or may not be
  double) and empty paragraphs (serial Ps) will not yield additional
  newlines (use serial BRs for that). - FM
* If both download options and disk saves are restricted, don't fetch
  binary files with a download offer when their links are activated
  (just issue a statusline message that the file can't be displayed),
  and issue a "disabled" statusline message for any overt 'd'ownload
  attemps. - FM
* For disk saves in LYDownload.c, on VMS attempt a rename() first, and then
  a spawned DCL copy if that fails. - FM
* Added memory exhaustion checks for all mallocs, reallocs and callocs in
  the LYfoo modules. - FM
* Added CL's realloc() substitute for AIX and ultrix in GridText.c. - FM
* Map extensions .html3 and .ht3 to text/html in HTInit.c. - FM
* Added code to enable creation of links for all images.  Can be made the
  default by setting MAKE_LINKS_FOR_ALL_IMAGES to TRUE in userdefs.h and/or
  lynx.cfg (not advised).  Can be implemented for the session via a command
  line switch, -image_links, e.g., use  lynx -dump -image_links  to get links
  for all images, as well as standard links, listed in the output.  Can be
  toggled on and off at run time via LYK_IMAGE_TOGGLE (mapped by default to
  '*').  Use that in conjuction with the LYK_LIST command to get a list of
  links that includes all images, e.g., for adding them as bookmarks.  The
  toggle also invokes a reload, so that the change will be implemented for
  the current and any future documents, but if you return to cached
  documents, those will need to be reloaded explicitly.  See comments in
  userdefs.h and lynx.cfg for more information. - FM
* Don't restrict use of Control-T for toggling trace mode to advanced
  usermode (i.e., make it available in all usermodes, so people might
  follow the instructions in "BAD HTML" statusline messages to check
  the document in trace mode). - FM
* Modified LYList.c to indicate the anchor NAME/ID, if present, following
  the TITLE, if known, in interactive 'l'ists.
* Modified SGML.c to treat '>' as both a close-double-quote and close-tag.
  Now Lynx acts like Netscape, in that respect, so all that bad HTML
  Netscape users are generating will not bother Lynx. - FM
* Oops, missed an initialization in this morning's centering and right
  alignment mods. - FM
* Fixed up HTML.c to bypass HTML 3.0 attribute checks for start tags generated
  by the Common Library's non-http access types (gopher, ftp, news, wais)
  Could crash, otherwise.  - FM
* Fixed up GridText.c code to take non-printing control characters properly
  into account when formatting centered or right-aligned text. - FM
* Mods to improve appropriate carryover or cancelling of alignment attributes
  across successive elements. - FM
* Implemented Netscape LEFT and RIGHT extensions, homologously to CENTER. - FM
* Implemented Netscape BLINK extension as HT_UNDERLINE. - FM
* Updated the DTD structures and definitions for H1 - H6 to HTML 3.0 and
  implemented their ALIGN attribute (left, right and center). - FM
* Implemented the Netscape CENTER extension. - FM
* Updated the DTD structures and definitions for FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA,
  SELECT and OPTION to HTML 3.0. - FM
* Implemented the HTML 3.0 DISABLED attribute for FORM elements. - FM
* INPUT type "scribble" implemented as "text" according to the HTML 3.0
  recommendation for non-GUI clients. - FM
* Added protections against problems with INPUT types "range" and "file"
  until they're implemented (will be tricky, but do-able 8-). - FM
* Added all ISO8859-1 entities to the DTD. - FM
* Updated the DTD structures and definitions for A and IMG to HTML 3.0, and
  implemented their ID attribute. - FM
* Tweaks of FIG handling. - FM
* It is somehow inappropriate to teach our users to write correct HTML and
  to tell them to always check it before publishing, when Lynx's on-line
  help gives such a bad example :-} (not to mention versions from a couple
  of months back).  Better now. - Mark Martinec (
* Made the DTD structures and definitions for the HTML 3.0 elements
  BQ, CAPTION, CREDIT, FIG, NOTE and OVERLAY complete, and added
  those for STYLE, TABLE, TD, TH and TR.
* Tweaks of yesterday's HTML 3.0 additions (still just "first pass"). - FM
* Added code for avoiding potential problems with stylesheets and tables
  in HTML 3.0 documents. - FM
* Added "first pass" handling of HTML 3.0 elements BQ, CAPTION, CREDIT,
* Close the configuration file on completion of the big while() in
  LYReadCFG.c. - PM
* Added 00DIFFERENT to keep track of files in this code set which
  presently differ from those in the latest development code set
  at UKans (currently, of 15-Jun-95). - FM
* Tweak of the pseudo-toolbar code.  The 'l'ist command now displays the
  TITLE (or RelValue, if TITLE is defaulted) of those links if they have
  never been accessed, or their actual HTML titles if accessed, at the
  top of the links list, so you can use that command instead of LYK_HOME
  to reach the toolbar links at any time, and then left-arrow to where
  you were in the current document instead of having to page back down
  to that location. - FM
* Added LINK REL="RelValue" HREF="foo" TITLE="TitleValue" HTML 3.0
  handling (as in
  of 28-Mar-95).  The HREF and REL values are required (the LINK will be
  ignored if either is missing or has a zero-length value). TITLE is
  optional, i.e., the RelValue will be used as the link name if TITLE
  is omitted.  Currently registered toolbar RelValues are:  Home, ToC,
  Index, Glossary, Copyright, Up, Next, Previous, Help, and Bookmark.
  The Bookmark links are intended to have TITLEs (e.g., "Order Form").
  The others have RelValues that yield self-evident link names.  The LINKs
  should be placed in the HEAD section, so they'll be displayed in a manner
  simulating a toolbar (but not a real one, since we don't have Windows and
  mouse support; use your LYK_HOME command to access it at any time 8-).
  The BODY should have a line-breaking element (e.g, H1) to set them off.
  For now, the Banner RelValue is treated like another toolbar element.
  The StyleSheet RelValue is ignored, since we don't yet have loadable
  stylesheet handling. - FM
* Fixed up the 06-13-95 NO_ANONYMOUS_EMAIL patch to be appropriate for
  VMS - FM.
* Added LYK_LIST command ('l' or 'L'; must be uppercase if VI keys are on)
  for creating an ACTIVATEable list of references (links) in the current
  document.  If LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED is on, it's a UL, otherwise it's an
  OL.  Visited links have the TITLE displayed, otherwise the HREF is
  displayed. - FM
* Added code to append a list of references (links), if present in the
  document, when -dump is used.  Dumps are done with LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED
  turned on.  The reference list is numbered, and always shows the HREFs,
  so that they can be referenced to the links in the document. - FM
* Updated help files. - FM
--- lynx2-4-1 on (added to lynx2-4-FM on 06-16-95)
* Added George Lindholm's patch to add -r (recurse) to the zip call in DIRED.
  - JP
* Added George Lindholm's new file permission patch.  Here's his description:
  "Here is a rewamped version of my earlier file permission patch.  This version
   uses a html page to prompt for user input (rather than having the user
   enter a obscure unix chmod string) using checkboxes." - JP
* Added George Lindholm's addition of a compiler flag (NO_ANONYMOUS_EMAIL).
  If NO_ANONYMOUS_EMAIL is set the user will not be able to add their own
  from header.  This will only work if the mail package being used will
  add this information. - JP
--- lynx2-4-1 on
* Replaced with in html and make files.  Designated
  this code as 2.4-FM, for local use. - FM
--- STARTING  2.4-FM ---
--- Rename of Lynx2-3-FM and release as Lynx2-4  (08-June-1995) ---
    (see CHANGES2-4 and CHANGES2-3)