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# $FreeBSD: head/sys/fs/cd9660/TODO 166639 2007-02-11 13:54:25Z rodrigc $

 2) should understand Rock Ridge

   Yes, we have follows function.

       o Symbolic Link
       o Real Name(long name)
       o File Attribute 
       o Time stamp
       o uid, gid
       o Devices
       o Relocated directories

   Except follows:

       o POSIX device number mapping

         There is some preliminary stuff in there that (ab-)uses the mknod
         system call, but this needs a writable filesystem
 5) should have name translation enabled by mount flag

   Yes. we can disable the Rock Ridge Extension by follows option;

      "mount -t isofs -o -norrip /dev/cd0d /cdrom"

 6) should run as a user process, and not take up kernel space (cdroms
    are slow)

   Not yet.

 7) ECMA support.

   Not yet. we need not only a technical spec but also ECMA format
   cd-rom itself!

 8) Character set change by SVD ( multi SVD support )

   Not yet. We should also hack the other part of system as 8 bit
   clean. As far as I know, if you export the cdrom by NFS, the client
   can access the 8 bit clean (ie. Solaris Japanese with EUC code )