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#ifndef	_SYS_TASKQ_H
#define	_SYS_TASKQ_H

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/proc.h>
#include <sys/taskqueue.h>

#ifdef	__cplusplus
extern "C" {

#define	TASKQ_NAMELEN	31

struct taskqueue;
struct taskq {
	struct taskqueue	*tq_queue;

typedef struct taskq taskq_t;
typedef uintptr_t taskqid_t;
typedef void (task_func_t)(void *);

typedef struct taskq_ent {
	struct task	 tqent_task;
	task_func_t	*tqent_func;
	void		*tqent_arg;
} taskq_ent_t;

struct proc;

 * Public flags for taskq_create(): bit range 0-15
#define	TASKQ_PREPOPULATE	0x0001	/* Prepopulate with threads and data */
#define	TASKQ_CPR_SAFE		0x0002	/* Use CPR safe protocol */
#define	TASKQ_DYNAMIC		0x0004	/* Use dynamic thread scheduling */
#define	TASKQ_THREADS_CPU_PCT	0x0008	/* number of threads as % of ncpu */
#define	TASKQ_DC_BATCH		0x0010	/* Taskq uses SDC in batch mode */

 * Flags for taskq_dispatch. TQ_SLEEP/TQ_NOSLEEP should be same as
#define	TQ_SLEEP	0x00	/* Can block for memory */
#define	TQ_NOSLEEP	0x01	/* cannot block for memory; may fail */
#define	TQ_NOQUEUE	0x02	/* Do not enqueue if can't dispatch */
#define	TQ_NOALLOC	0x04	/* cannot allocate memory; may fail */
#define	TQ_FRONT	0x08	/* Put task at the front of the queue */

#ifdef _KERNEL

extern taskq_t *system_taskq;

void	taskq_init(void);
void	taskq_mp_init(void);

taskq_t	*taskq_create(const char *, int, pri_t, int, int, uint_t);
taskq_t	*taskq_create_instance(const char *, int, int, pri_t, int, int, uint_t);
taskq_t	*taskq_create_proc(const char *, int, pri_t, int, int,
    struct proc *, uint_t);
taskq_t	*taskq_create_sysdc(const char *, int, int, int,
    struct proc *, uint_t, uint_t);
taskqid_t taskq_dispatch(taskq_t *, task_func_t, void *, uint_t);
void	taskq_dispatch_ent(taskq_t *, task_func_t, void *, uint_t,
    taskq_ent_t *);
void	nulltask(void *);
void	taskq_destroy(taskq_t *);
void	taskq_wait(taskq_t *);
void	taskq_suspend(taskq_t *);
int	taskq_suspended(taskq_t *);
void	taskq_resume(taskq_t *);
int	taskq_member(taskq_t *, kthread_t *);

#endif	/* _KERNEL */

#ifdef	__cplusplus

#endif	/* _SYS_TASKQ_H */