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 * Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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 * or
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions
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 * Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
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#ifdef	__cplusplus
extern "C" {

#ifdef _KERNEL

#include <sys/zfs_znode.h>

typedef enum {
} rl_type_t;

typedef struct rl {
	znode_t *r_zp;		/* znode this lock applies to */
	avl_node_t r_node;	/* avl node link */
	uint64_t r_off;		/* file range offset */
	uint64_t r_len;		/* file range length */
	uint_t r_cnt;		/* range reference count in tree */
	rl_type_t r_type;	/* range type */
	kcondvar_t r_wr_cv;	/* cv for waiting writers */
	kcondvar_t r_rd_cv;	/* cv for waiting readers */
	uint8_t r_proxy;	/* acting for original range */
	uint8_t r_write_wanted;	/* writer wants to lock this range */
	uint8_t r_read_wanted;	/* reader wants to lock this range */
} rl_t;

 * Lock a range (offset, length) as either shared (RL_READER)
 * or exclusive (RL_WRITER or RL_APPEND).  RL_APPEND is a special type that
 * is converted to RL_WRITER that specified to lock from the start of the
 * end of file.  Returns the range lock structure.
rl_t *zfs_range_lock(znode_t *zp, uint64_t off, uint64_t len, rl_type_t type);

/* Unlock range and destroy range lock structure. */
void zfs_range_unlock(rl_t *rl);

 * Reduce range locked as RW_WRITER from whole file to specified range.
 * Asserts the whole file was previously locked.
void zfs_range_reduce(rl_t *rl, uint64_t off, uint64_t len);

 * AVL comparison function used to order range locks
 * Locks are ordered on the start offset of the range.
int zfs_range_compare(const void *arg1, const void *arg2);

#endif /* _KERNEL */

#ifdef	__cplusplus

#endif	/* _SYS_FS_ZFS_RLOCK_H */